Current Specials

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2018)

Garden Shop Specials

Prices Good Thru March 27, 2018

Big Green Egg

Special Early Order Bonus

$150.00 Gift Certificate

With Large or X-Large Egg Purchase

$75.00 Gift Certificate

with Small or Medium Egg Purchase

Gronomics Cedar Garden Boxes

Makes gardening easy. SKU #16572

48″ x 48″

Only $99.99 ea.
Premium Mulch

3 cu. ft. bags

As low as $3.50 ea.

When you buy 45 bags or more

Easy Spread Lime

5,000 sq. ft. coverage

Only $13.88
Miracle-Gro Potting Mix

1 cu. ft. bags  Only $12.99 ea.

Buy 2 or more

Only $9.88 ea.
Bonide All Seasons Spray Oil

1 qt. bottle  reg. $14.99

Only 13.88
Mint Craft 30 Tine Poly Rake

Ideal for clean up & leaf collection. Lightweight and durable.

Only $14.88
Mint Craft Long Handle Round Point Shovel
Only $27.88
RoundUp Pump ‘n Go

1.33 gal. size

Only $24.88
Chapin Tank Sprayer

2 gal. size

Only $28.88
Espoma Holly-tone & Plant-tone

18 lb. bags

Only $18.88 ea.

Best Value! 50 lb. bag

Only $37.88 ea.
Espoma Tomato-tone

For plump, juicy tomatoes. Ideal for all Tomatoes & Vegetables.
4 lb. bag

Only $6.88
Bonide Fruit Tree Spray

1 qt. size  reg. $34.99

Only $29.88
Corona Long Snips

Long, straight pointed blade for wide range of applications.

Only $14.88
Dramm Rainwand

Color wand with brass shut-offs.

Only $34.88
Womanswork Weeder Gloves
Only $6.88

(Last Updated On: March 1, 2018)

Lawn Care Specials

Prices Good Thru March 27, 2018

GreenView Green Smart Starter Fertilizer

Good for new lawns, installing sod & reseeding. Promotes rapid root growth.

5,000 sq. ft. bag  

Only $24.88

15,000 sq. ft. bag  

Only $49.88
GreenView Green Smart Lawn Food

Restores necessary nutrients to your soil.

5,000 sq. ft. bag  

Only $21.88

15,000 sq. ft. bag  

Only $49.88
GreenView Crabgrass Preventer plus Lawn Food

Prevents crabgrass all season long.

5,000 sq. ft. bag  

Only $24.88

15,000 sq. ft. bag  

Only $59.88
White House Grass Seed

Custom Blended for Southern Maryland

25 lb. bag  

Only $54.88

50 lb. bag  

Only $109.88
Bayer Grub Control

5,000 sq. ft.  reg. $39.99

Only $34.88 ea.
Scotts Broadcast Spreader
Only $54.99

10 lb. bag  reg. $24.99

Only $19.88