Plant A Tree Today

(Last Updated On: March 2, 2017)

Late October through March is the best time to plant trees. That goes for shade trees, flowering trees, evergreen and even fruit trees. During this period, the trees are dormant and may be handled and transplanted with the least amount of shock to their root system. Always consider the ultimate size and shape of a tree before planting. Be sure to allow it plenty of room to grow and mature. Most trees need 20-40 feet of area to grow. Check out the tree’s label for description, size, shape and color.

Where and How To Use Trees

Trees for Privacy
Evergreen trees such as Blue, Norway or Serbian Spruce, Canadian Hemlock, White Pine and Leyland Cypress can provide a barrier from an unsightly highway, commercial building or other structures.

Trees for Energy Savings
Well-planted shade trees will save up to 30% on your summer cooling, and properly planted windbreaks can save 30% or more on winter heating costs.

Trees for Beauty
Dozens of varieties of flowering trees are available to provide your spring and summer with colorful buds and flowers.

Trees for Color
How about some of those Fall colors we witnessed this Fall? The reds, oranges and yellows! Put some in your landscape today. My favorites are the October Glory and Red Sunset Maple.

Trees for Rigid Architecture
Trees are often used to break the rigid lines of the house, garage, or commercial building. The graceful branching effect dramatically softens the landscape.

Trees for Canopy
Trees are used to provide a canopy over a doorway, patio, porch and sitting area, creating the feeling of a roof or enclosure. Trees for Fruit: Apples, peaches, pears, plums and cherries are some of the many fruit trees that can be grown successfully in our area.

Whenever the subject of trees comes up, people always ask, “What size should I buy a $100 or $200 tree”? Our answer remains the same. We recommend that you buy the largest tree you can afford. But plant it today! It’s most important to get the tree established and in the ground. Don’t wait until your budget allows you to buy the largest one. All trees need time to mature. The sooner you plant it, the sooner it will begin to grow!

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