(Last Updated On: May 31, 2019)

Project Yard Specials

Prices Good Thru June 25, 2019

Colonial Gray Stone Pallets

Full Pallet

Only $298.88 each Pallet. When you buy 2 pallets or more.
Shenandoah Stepper Stones
ONLY $19.88 ea.
Medium Marble Chip Stone & Autom Red Stone

.5  Cu. Ft. Bag

5 BAGS FOR $4.99 each
Shredded Hardwood Mulch

3 cu.ft. bags

10 BAGS FOR $37.50
Cambridge Curb Stone

9” high x 8” wide x 3.5” thick. Edging for walkways or driveways.  4 colors available.

ONLY $3.88 each piece
ONLY $5.82 per foot
Cambridge Edge Stone

8” high x 6” wide x 2” thick. Edging for Gardens and flower beds 4 colors available. Easy to set.

ONLY $1.88 each piece
ONLY $3.76 per foot
Brown, Red and Black Mulch

Protects plant roots in winter from cold and in summer from the hot sun. Holds in Moisture saves water. Colored mulches are made from lighter colored bark from trees such as pine and popular.

2 cu. ft. bag

10 Bags for $42.50
Pond Stone

.5 cu ft.bag

ONLY $4.99 each when you buy 20 bags or more
Pyzique Fire Pit Kit

The metal ring insert has dual opposing cooking grates 32” inside diameter, 50” outside diameter, 16” high.

Only $589.88
Block Only $298.00
Cambridge Column Kit
ONLY $349.00

Cap Stones Extra

Natural Stone Slabs

3-8 inch thick Use as stepper pads, out crop-ping’s, and accents

Save $50.00 Off any pallet
Cambridge Old Wall English Block
As low as $3.99 each
Cambridge Pavers

Special Order walls & pavers. Pick-up a Free Catalog of colors & styles.

LeafGro Totes, Topsoil Totes & CR6 Paver Base Totes