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Featured at Wentworth Nursery

Visit our Oakville Garden Center Location

Our Charlotte Hall store and staff have moved to our Oakville Garden Center, Nursery, and Landscape Project Center
Located just 10 minutes south of Charlotte Hall.

Our Oakville Location Offers:

  • Annuals, Perennials & Tropicals
  • Azaleas, Roses, Boxwoods & Color Shrubs
  • Flowering, Ornamental & Accent Trees
  • Fruit Trees, Veggies & Herbs
  • Pottery, Garden Accents, and Lawn & Garden Supplies
  • Mulch, Soil, Stone, and Pavers
A Landscape Like Never Before

Let’s Beautify Your Garden Together!

For Beautiful Landscapes, Colorful Gardens, Magnificent Lawns, and Unique Hardscapes.

Wentworth Nursery…Is Southern Maryland’s Premier Garden Center, Nursery & Landscaping Company.

Cover 9 1920 x 1280
Quality Plants

Selection and variety for your landscape.

Excellent Products

Remedies and solutions for any project.

Expert Advice

Our knowledgeable staff is here to help.

Professional Service

We take pride in what we design, build and maintain.


Info & Care

Why Native?

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Vegetables Gardening and Herbs

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Tree, Shrubs, & Perennial Maintenance: Feeding Tips

The key to a thriving garden is understanding plant nourishment’s subtle art. As we need a balanced diet to flourish, so do our garden inhabitants. ...
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Rose Care

Roses, with their intricate blooms and enchanting fragrance, are the aristocrats of the garden. But even royalty needs care and attention to maintain their splendor. ...
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